Ford sales figures rise for the first time in 19 months

As sales reports come in this August, the auto industry is expected to report not more than 10 million sold units. Ford recently announced that its total sales are up by 2% and year-on-year jumped by as much as 9%. The improvement in the performance is partly attributed to the government’s Cash for Clunkers program.

The numbers of Ford looks solid and a lot of experts want to be as optimistic as possible to see a turnaround for the whole of the auto industry.

The 9% increase in retail sales from August 2008 to this year marks the first recovery of the figures since November 2007. Aside from citing the CARS, Ford also looks to the new and more fuel efficient members of their fleet.

What gives perspective to the jump up in sales figures is the projected 10 million units rolling out of dealerships. The volume prediction is about a 40% drop from the 2008 figures. The overall figure is seen to have risen 2% from the November 2007 sales reports.

The fleet leaders which brought about the turnaround is the Ford Fusion up by as much as 66%, Ford Escape (94%), Mercury Mariner improved by 71%, and Mercury Milan (60%). The hybrid vehicle of Ford unsurprisingly brought a 323% performance magic for the gas-electric units. Fuel efficiency and green cars are key words in today’s car market!

Ford was able to leverage the cash for clunkers program with appropriate preparations of their products and dealers. The car manufacturer was able to get the increase in sales even though they cut off some spending for consumer incentives.

The month of July also marked the roll out of the Transit Connect and the Ford Taurus.

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